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Pride’s sibling.

Infatuation ignoring flatulency.

Constantly filling a ‘black hole’.

What the self revels in; what others revile.

Living as if pleasing oneself is what life is about.

A self-imposed blockade to loving and being spiritual.

Self-deceit and self-deception encouraging self-satisfaction.

A self regarding self as if it is the only one of its kind in existence.

Consciousness that accommodates the physical while ignoring what lasts.

Safety, comfort, pleasure and self-image: Considerations that always determine choices.

  • Perhaps the road to ‘me’ is always a dead-end.
  • Perhaps all is an illusion except the workings of the inner self.
  • Perhaps we are no more than animals when all we can do is ‘bark’.
  • Perhaps pleasing self should always be a by-product of pleasing others.
  • Perhaps the fleetingness of momentary satisfactions should ‘nudge’ us towards what lasts.
  • Perhaps when ‘self’ is your ‘god’ you are paying homage to a ‘sponge’ without purpose.
  • Perhaps if you live your life for what you accrue you will have nothing left when you are through.
  • Perhaps the myopic, demanding child ‘within’ is handicapped by its dependency on expediency.
  • Perhaps grabbing and playing may be ‘cute’ for animals and babies but unbecoming for an adult.
  • Perhaps the more selfish one is the more ‘confined’ one will be; perhaps remaining safe and confident, dedicated to self-aggrandizement, shackles one to a life of aimless servitude.



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