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Only what matters now.

Wind rushing your face.

What synapses facilitate.

The moments you feel ‘connected’.

For humans the finite that exists in time.

What can be agreed upon and what cannot.

Everything in the ‘receptor’ that is sensed or known.

For cynics: what is left over after the food is digested.

Impressions and interpretations somewhere in your head.

If there is a God an orderly arrangement of matter prodded by energy for purposes both temporal and eternal; if God does not exist then just forms appearing and disappearing for no reason.

  • Perhaps infinity when it stalls.
  • Perhaps everything is what it is … not what we think it is.
  • Perhaps there are as many realities as there are sentient beings.
  • Perhaps what truly exists can never be fully understood only alluded to.
  • Perhaps that which has a beginning and an end or perhaps that which is not that.
  • Perhaps we are constantly treading water in a pool of accumulating realizations.
  • Perhaps the only reality we will ever know is when we listen quietly in solitude.
  • Perhaps you do not have a ‘clue’ until ‘death’s door’ opens and you say “oh yea.”
  • Perhaps the only constant is change; perhaps when substance and motion disappear all that will be left is YOU.
  • Perhaps you are a spiritual being who must manipulate matter for awhile never knowing quite why; perhaps after a requisite time and experiencing you move on to another type of manipulation, one you have more control over.



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