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The refrain of fools.

Bile masquerading as savory conviction.

Self deception in the quest for superiority.

What can fill our mind and cut off our heart.

The oldest most potent warrior in pride’s army.

An ever encompassing quagmire for mud slingers.

‘Bad blood’ that flows from one generation to another.

Raging cynicism well hidden in the subterfuge of brotherly love.

Condescending attitude that assuages fears while perpetuating ignorance.

Bantering diatribes encouraged in one’s ‘tribal’ circle to provide an illusion of invincibility.

  • Perhaps not wanting to appear reckless we ‘stick to’ our early ‘driver training’.
  • Perhaps the comfort and confidence of certainty abhors the insecurity of inquiry.
  • Perhaps we prefer simple, stable patterns rather than ever-changing kaleidoscopes.
  • Perhaps everyone has a tendency to cover their canvas using broad brush strokes and a few favorite colors.
  • Perhaps we must cope with inclinations to form convictions about anything or anyone that differs from what is ‘acceptable’ in our group.
  • Perhaps overly protected gardens deteriorate lacking essential nutrients and cross pollination; perhaps growth thus becomes impossible.
  • Perhaps self-preservation favors homogeneity; perhaps we naturally disdain differences; perhaps however, diversity is what has generated our dominating species.
  • Perhaps we depend upon our retrospections no matter how distorted and misleading; perhaps confidence in a magnanimous God can encourage us to be open, honest and receptive.
  • Perhaps you will always be plagued by denigrating thoughts due to encounters with ‘scuzzy low-lives’; perhaps the only antidote to self-corrupting vitriol is a commitment to kindness and acceptance of human foibles.
  • Perhaps unwavering convictions skew our perspective; perhaps this narrow ‘world view’ condones rigid intolerance and irreverence for the beliefs of others; perhaps inflicted with this chronic myopia we can never relax with gracious conviviality.



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