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Lighting a light in a ‘dark’ place.

Treading water in all types of seas.

Being impervious to all that assails you.

Temporary advantage of one over another.

The One Who is ‘responsible’ for your existence.

Thought that is ‘original’ and can contend for prominence.

Ability to sway hearts and minds and effect beneficial change.

Self-reflection, contemplation, decisiveness, action … in other words: Being fully human.

Temporal: Intentional manipulations of matter and ‘man’; eternal: Enhancement of spirit by loving more and more.

  • Perhaps the decision and determination to be content.
  • Perhaps perceiving purpose to life and acting upon it.
  • Perhaps there is no such thing as power only accommodation.
  • Perhaps survival efforts which appear successful for the moment.
  • Perhaps we are powerless ‘til we invite the Divine to dwell within.
  • Perhaps a Life Force that conducts a symphony with energy and matter.
  • Perhaps true empathy that allows us to know and feel beyond our confines.
  • Perhaps when we make a choice we are exercising the only real power we have.
  • Perhaps the feeling we get when we squash a bug, berate an underling, ‘have our way’ with whomever or whatever we choose; perhaps only a brief exercise in ego elevation.
  • Perhaps natural forces should remind us of our vulnerability and ultimate futility; perhaps this should direct our attention to the enduring, interior life: Character development, the intellect, awareness, commitments.



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