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Relief for the lonely.

Reaffirmation of our power and dominance.

Next to the automobile our favorite, projected alter ego.

The need to share fulfilled with minimal complications.

Sad but ‘safer’ when you love creatures more than people.

By far the most ubiquitous recipients of our ‘anthropomorphosisms’.

Attempts to ‘humanize’ creatures most successfully accomplished in cartoons.

Fulfills a primordial need brought on by alienations amongst our species to stroke something warm and furry.

A railing against the arbitrary, often destructive forces of nature by coercing a few of its attractive offerings into obsequiousness.

The results of ancient breeding and herding for practical purposes that inevitably led to closer relationships with those animals that afforded mutual comforts.

  • Perhaps in relating to our pet we create our own unique identity.
  • Perhaps we can understand ourselves better by observing animals.
  • Perhaps we have cried out in the wilderness for millennia to coax like-minded creatures to join us.
  • Perhaps a misanthrope who detests animals has a lot in common with a bush.
  • Perhaps animal lovers should unite for they are more likely to disdain societal barriers and biases.
  • Perhaps a pet reminds us of innocence and spontaneity; perhaps their 'play' helps us preserve our youthfulness.
  • Perhaps the greatest role a pet can play is fawning, thus helping certain people gain self-esteem.
  • Perhaps some of us promote a certain self-image by our ownership and knowledge of a breed; perhaps this vanity is bearable when tempered with love.
  • Perhaps our propensity to deify animals has led us to respect and value those possessing practical skills that can be used for our own purpose.
  • Perhaps we imbue creatures with anthropomorphic traits to better understand and cherish them or perhaps we are just controlling our fears and frustrations in the face of nature’s many threats and vast enigmas.

    thoughts of a favored pet evoke smiles??



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