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The sun's ‘kissing’ partners.

All that is living and not analyzing.

Mostly green things that grow everywhere.

What determines us if we wish to be determined.

‘Mother’ of all constantly moving with intrinsic purpose.

Evolving earthly life presently ‘apexed’ by the human brain.

Interdependent oxygen producers, sources of nutrients and the creatures they sustain.

The vast landscape and liveliness which envelope us as in this odyssey we travel myopically.

Living entities that spawn, nurture and cease for no apparent reason other than reproducing similar life forms.

Seemingly endless array of busy, devouring organisms that we obstinately rail against and attempt to dominate.

  • Perhaps 'natural' is a challenge to creatures playing god.
  • Perhaps physical prowess is being supplanted by mental acuity.
  • Perhaps when we empathize with plants and animals we are reacting in a manner that is uniquely human.
  • Perhaps flora and fauna are not only vital to us but provide enticements to spirits that wish to soar beyond the mundane; perhaps art is the best example of this.
  • Perhaps the ‘intelligencia’ ignore the monumental gap between ‘man’ and ‘animal’ in a vain attempt to avoid the responsibilities of spirit … those prompted by loving.
  • Perhaps the ‘big-brained one’ has just ‘recently’ begun to use an extraordinary imagination to envision and devise novel ways to profoundly ‘improve’ everything.
  • Perhaps we are becoming ‘godlike’, whimsically or purposefully ‘altering’ and replicating animals, flowers, scents, tastes, light, sound, structures, our own bodies.
  • Perhaps presumptuous analysis limits our findings to obvious forces that are incidental in the cosmos; perhaps in so doing we ignore what is ‘entelechial’, namely the enduring Life Force.
  • Perhaps if we are ‘determined’ by nature alone we should accept violence and death as normal and integral, intrepid vanquishers of tranquility; perhaps however, we are optimistically trying to become the ‘determiner’.
  • Perhaps we somehow feel awe, an unspeakable elation, when viewing rainbows and roses; perhaps natural attention grabbers are beckoning us to appreciate what is without, to leave our petty concerns, our self-centeredness, and gasp innocently and spontaneously at ‘beauty’.



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