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Envisioning completion.

Greasing the ball bearings.

A spark that lights the fire.

Want embracing determination.

Providing directions for your own script.

Dedicated energy spawned from decision.

Sublime, profound exhorter when not confused by emotion.

A bow light that illuminates both the boat and the course ahead.

The nudge to set goals be they practical or folly, studied or naïve.

Rationed commitments by the wise; expedient accommodations by the foolish.

  • Perhaps every undertaking needs a push.
  • Perhaps peace in the world depends on motivation.
  • Perhaps platitudes can easily mask our true intentions.
  • Perhaps we fly with ease when not weighed down by obsessions.
  • Perhaps calm introspection is a rare exercise when embracing purpose.
  • Perhaps there ‘lights from many lamps’ illuminating appropriate attitudes.
  • Perhaps most often we travel blithely ignoring what is propelling us forward.
  • Perhaps daily ‘doings’ are done with dignity when predicated on considerateness.
  • Perhaps jaded cynicism keeps you aloof from benign ‘intervention’; perhaps this condescension will isolate you forever.
  • Perhaps we are constantly challenged to make choices that are either virtuous and personally acceptable or obsequious accommodations.



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