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A dictator of status.

A criterion for judging.

An invitation to obsess.

A pretension gone awry.

A license for acquisition.

An impediment to intimacy.

The glue of commercialism.

Labor's reward calculated and uninspiring.

A goal that can lead you away from yourself.

An exchange of the little we do for all that we don't.

  • Perhaps in ‘elevating’ those with money we are creating myths.
  • Perhaps our worth is always incidental until we are helping others.
  • Perhaps in possessing dollars you are displaying optimism for the future.
  • Perhaps money can corrupt; perhaps more money can corrupt even more.
  • Perhaps when you value things by their monetary worth you are missing their true worth.
  • Perhaps if we eliminate paper money and practice bartering most crime would be avoided.
  • Perhaps in a society obsessed with purchasing and possessing there is a constant struggle between expediency and adherence to principle.
  • Perhaps many miss out on life's countless delights when believing they have to be bought; perhaps ‘experiencing’ that nourishes the soul is priceless.
  • Perhaps possessing paper and coin deludes us into believing we have a right to owning much in the world that isn't ours; perhaps this gives rise to covetousness.
  • Perhaps the marketplace where we exchange money for goods and services encourages people to share their needs and desires; perhaps this participation is a commercial communion.



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