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‘Ego-less’ perspective.

Graciously accepting change.

Not wanting more than you need.

Innocence revisited … constantly.

Greeting each day with enthusiasm.

Effusiveness taking cues from considerateness.

Steadily caring despite inadequacies and inequities.

Appreciating your uniqueness while comfortably ‘blending in’.

Constantly making a difference in the world by focusing on the plight of others.

Arrogance and denigration of others banished; honest inquiry and equanimity installed.

  • Perhaps informed perspective is a prerequisite for wisdom.
  • Perhaps all living things strive for maturity without knowing it.
  • Perhaps being comfortable with who you are is necessary before personal progress can begin.
  • Perhaps early awkward tentativeness gradually recedes as knowledge bolsters confidence.
  • Perhaps rot and petrifaction can only be avoided by sustaining nourishment from ‘above and below’.
  • Perhaps the dawn of the first amoeba heralded a destiny humans are just now becoming aware of.
  • Perhaps if the blossoms of spring flower through the fall you know you have been a successful gardener.
  • Perhaps nothing is more attractive then the inner glow of wonderment shining steadily through the wrinkles.
  • Perhaps gracefully accepting your limitations while persevering is not just laudatory but essential for realizing your potential.
  • Perhaps enlightened religious leaders and sages can be consulted for their profound awareness’s; perhaps you can trust their admonitions when predicated on love … for all.



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