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Public commitment of espousal.

A sharing of intimacy … as much as possible.

Yielding autonomy in order to live with empathy.

The only means most have to gain a captive audience.

For the conscientious an attempt to ‘remould’ part of oneself to fit another.

Pair bonding that helps us become more than we could possibly be by ourselves.

By far the optimum means for attaining a meaningful life and sustaining self worth.

A wedding: The end of great expectations, the beginning of endless introspections.

An optimistic attempt at unifying diversion; a natural tendency to strive for harmony.

The successful allurement of the book jacket; the subsequent captivation with what is behind it.

  • Perhaps oneness stagnates, coupling nourishes.
  • Perhaps all relationships begin with attraction and end with sorrow.
  • Perhaps the happiest people on earth are those in a considerate, communicative union.
  • Perhaps individual growth needs ‘another self’ to intimately cohabitate with, mind and body.
  • Perhaps growing togetherness requires ceremonial commitment and peer pressure to meld it.
  • Perhaps the tyrant of self-centeredness must yield often for one to remain an active partner after the battle of egos.
  • Perhaps our instinctive sexual attraction is nature's incessant coercion to form bonded pairs which become procreating, sustaining units.
  • Perhaps you are freest to be you, expressing your thoughts, only when married to someone who knows you well and cares enough to listen.
  • Perhaps without another near who knows you and cares for you … what you feel, what you do, what you say … your life will be a litany of withering expressions.
  • Perhaps activities are more real, more rewarding, even more intense when sharing; perhaps the marriage state is the only means our inner self has to reveal itself and be appreciated.
  • Perhaps successful relationships depend on renewing commitment and accepting ever-changing circumstances; perhaps success in marriage is far and away the most important accomplishment in a lifetime.

    monogamy, cohabitation … what do you think??



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