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Modern day wonderland.

A youthful sanctuary for indolence.

Seemingly endless array of allurements.

A comfortable meeting and grouping locale

For some, doors to penury thanks to easy credit.

Neat expedient for feet driven blithely by expectancy.

World’s most ubiquitous, coercive conformity: Chain store clones.

Glorification of material things that pose as rewards for your labor.

Multitudes of cash registers that ‘proclaim the triumph’ of advertising and the sumptuous display of product.

World’s most grandiose markets that thrive on ‘instant gratification’: Obtain whatever you want whenever you want.

  • Perhaps malls are now integral to commercialism.
  • Perhaps the lure of such largess in one setting is too inviting to ignore.
  • Perhaps the epicenter for marketers’ trite offerings dressed to dazzle and seduce.
  • Perhaps it is folly to be jolly with the ‘lolly’ brought in on a dolly for a ‘group drooling’.
  • Perhaps this glut of product reinforces society’s approbation of rampant materialism.
  • Perhaps easy public access, accommodating spaciousness and attendant crowds attract the lonely and alienated.
  • Perhaps whenever possible people will escape from the world of duty and necessity and enter a bastion of serendipity.
  • Perhaps today’s youthful mantra “I want to make money” finds supreme justification in these ‘monoliths to mammon’.
  • Perhaps ‘convenience’ attracts the feckless who lack initiative, motivation and the energy to make more informed decisions before purchasing.
  • Perhaps the cold aloofness permeating society is epitomized in the gratuitous, ingratiating manners of salesclerks in these vast halls of commerce.

    do you defend or condemn consumerism??



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