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The beginning of strife.

A constant flow of reactions.

Attempts to perpetuate indefinitely.

Entertainment for superior life forms.

Active cells united briefly for a particular purpose.

A complex web of constantly changing interactions.

Earthly biological phenomenon dependent on energy.

Existing with vitality and activity in contrast to the inanimate.

An arrangement of substances that is progenitor of similar arrangements.

Molecules attaching, adapting, taking form, becoming animated, needing sustenance to sustain it.



An attempt at permanence.

Always a becoming … never arriving.

Awareness we did not create but cling to.

A striving for perfection that cries out for purpose.

Anticipations being constantly interrupted by reality.

Earth’s smartest animal who knowingly seeks happiness.

A maddening, mysterious journey to nothingness or everything.

Experiences, choices, habits … adapting and succumbing to them.

A brief excursion in a vulnerable vessel from and to chartless ports.

An ongoing battle against famine, disease, other creatures and ourselves.


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