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Focusing on ‘pure’ positive.

An expectant state without dread.

Feeling comfortably part of everything.

A radiance within that radiates without.

Smiling and being satisfied with yourself.

Embracing what is; accepting gracefully what might be.

No Mondays, no taxes, no relocating, no ‘outuvs’, no faults, no pain.

Selfless sharing uninhibitedly with others especially a particular other.

An enigmatic state of elation alien to those who do not care, who live without hope.

A utopian state of bliss without need, want or desire that thrives perpetually on loving and being loved.

  • Perhaps the closest we come to joy is when we celebrate NOW with sincere loving.
  • Perhaps this brief life is but a chrysalis for a growing spirit that gradually senses joy.
  • Perhaps brief glimmers of joy radiate within you when deep feelings of love reside in your heart.
  • Perhaps you are the only creature who can love and evolve into an entity who basks in eternal bliss.
  • Perhaps happiness is predicated on ‘giving’; perhaps that is why selfishness leads to frustration and ennui.
  • Perhaps every experience can help you grow; perhaps knowing this provokes an optimism necessary for persevering.
  • Perhaps the primal habits of wanting and acquiring lead to moments of completion; perhaps it is then that you ask “is there not more?”
  • Perhaps it takes many lifetimes of nurturing kindness and caring for you to reach your potential: A joyful ecstasy when love meets PURE LOVE.
  • Perhaps only what is truly meaningful can last; perhaps the peace and joy that reign in your loving heart are coaxing you closer to Everlasting Love.
  • Perhaps the impediments of memory and dread can determine you ‘til you’re dead; perhaps you put worry to rest when you do your best … to love simply and constantly.




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