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An effective antidote for fear.

‘A call for action’ becoming expectation.

Believing you will be what you want to be.

What ‘propels’ us from imagining to fruition.

What binds us to the Infinite: Believing what can be.

While en route the constant application of ‘psychic grease’.

Sustaining the myth that everything you want to do is possible.

Either fanciful reflections on possibilities or conviction of purpose.

Effectively banishing indifference with a commitment to optimism.

An inner peace and security that is sustained by your confidence in Love.


  • Perhaps life without hope is a life not worth living.
  • Perhaps we are all striving for Perfection which reveals Itself to us daily.
  • Perhaps ‘what can be’ will always be a ‘reality’ whether it is achieved or not.
  • Perhaps we know we can always improve; perhaps our life is always about progress.
  • Perhaps all ‘true artists’ reside in an impregnable bubble of self-confidence fortified by peeks into the Eternal.
  • Perhaps you risk living a life bereft of purpose if you obfuscate your true nature: A spiritual being growing by loving.
  • Perhaps prattling on with others gives us solace, ‘we are not alone’; perhaps ‘linked with others’ we are coerced into seeking harmony.
  • Perhaps you set your sight on the rainbow entranced by its radiant beauty; perhaps knowing you will never ‘find its source’ does not deter you from trying.
  • Perhaps oblivion is a spectre that haunts our every quest; perhaps without conviction that achievements ‘matter’ we are mere phantoms forlorn in the face of doom.
  • Perhaps you ‘know’ you are more than what circumstance dictates you are; perhaps ‘striving’ is always preferable to complacency, stagnant self-absorption and self-pity.



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