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Loving without emotion.

The obliteration of expectation.

An everlasting dream that might come true.

More of a ‘home’ than we could ever imagine.

Another realm of being where nothing dissembles.

Being something we are not now or being nothing at all.

Fulfillment with no future; embracing NOW without fear.

What on earth was a great divider becoming everyone’s provider.

Only the hopes and dreams of something more to allay fears of nothing more.

Conjured immortal comfort that helps us accept the frustrations and uncertainties of life.

  • Perhaps release from a cocoon.
  • Perhaps a reuniting with Wholeness.
  • Perhaps another step in a quest leading to ‘godliness’.
  • Perhaps the matter that embraces us so briefly is superfluous to spirit.
  • Perhaps a ‘revolving door’ for most who need further lessons in loving.
  • Perhaps since what we know exits only now, we cannot perceive what exits always.
  • Perhaps the hereafter is not revealed to us so that we will pay attention to what we should be doing now.
  • Perhaps the ‘Eternal’ is a myth that if true provides meaning for our existence and if not than nothing matters at all.
  • Perhaps our ability to reflect on past, present and future is informing us that we are already in a state of ‘forever ness’.
  • Perhaps we have existed always, but now, tied to mind and memory, we are focused on an important quest: growth through loving.
  • Perhaps our free will, the ability to choose, sets us apart from all living things and perhaps this is a trait that can only be eternal.

    personal visions, expectations??



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