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Functioning painlessly.

When the gears are not grinding.

Only appreciated when we lose it.

Using bodily resources to the fullest.

Ability to accelerate without conking out.

Smiling inwardly and outwardly at the same time.

Enjoying the triumphs of battles won knowing you are losing the war.

All parts of you functioning more or less the way they were intended.

Steadily striving and accomplishing despite physical and mental impediments.

A ‘friend’ who takes leave when trouble brews but nevertheless is welcome back.

  • Perhaps one’s attitude determines one’s health.
  • Perhaps each person’s idea of being healthy is unique.
  • Perhaps the more we overcome the more we can accomplish.
  • Perhaps a healthy mind is infinitely more important than a healthy body.
  • Perhaps we all share attempts to avoid even ignore the same rotting stuff!!
  • Perhaps women are healthier than men because nature deems women more valuable.
  • Perhaps the positive thrust of an energetic mind driven by worthy goals is effective in overcoming most impediments and threats.
  • Perhaps there are moral imperatives that when heeded help in avoiding depravity which undermines physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Perhaps what you put into your body AND your mind becomes YOU; perhaps you are the primary ‘determiner’ of what you become.
  • Perhaps nature is too fickle to be relied on and too destructive to be trusted; perhaps that is why we seek refuge in a more powerful Force.



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