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Always focusing on positives.

An expectant state ‘sans’ dread.

A constant smile inside that radiates.

Feeling comfortably part of everything.

Accepting what is; looking forward to what might be.

An elusive state of ‘aliveness’ for those without hope.

No Mondays, no taxes, no loses, no frustrations, no stress, no faults, no pain.

A utopian state in which nothing is necessary and everything is available; not to be found on earth.

An incentive in a Grandiose Scheme to nurture potential while being prodded and rewarded by love.

An imagined feeling, hoped for and encouraged by brief moments of camaraderie, comfort, satisfaction, pleasure.

  • Perhaps corporeal life is a preamble to a more stable, tranquil existence.

  • Perhaps our most common mistake in pursuing happiness is that we seek it from without.

  • Perhaps living life optimistically knowing that you are growing with purpose is essential for peace.

  • Perhaps this brief life process is but a chrysalis state for a growing spirit sensing the imminent joy of release.

  • Perhaps eating popcorn, cookies, cake, candy, ice cream tell us that even the sweetest things leave us wanting.

  • Perhaps childlike glee can be sustained by sharing uninhibitedly with complete confidence in receptiveness.

  • Perhaps knowing a little more and caring a little more are the only endeavours practiced daily that make life worthwhile.

  • Perhaps true joy in life can only be felt when ‘giving’; perhaps that is why there are so many frustrated, angry, self-serving people.

  • Perhaps the impediments of memory and dread can determine you ‘til your dead, perhaps you must focus now on what’s best and always keep worry at rest.

  • Perhaps expectations concurrent with … challenges, changes, seeking, joining, coupling, traveling, eating, drinking and a host of other activities … perhaps these expectations, not their realizations, dominate our consciousness; perhaps we can never find contentment much less happiness because we are always in state of forward motion.



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