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Anything that deters you.

Only what impedes you … in your mind.

Inspiration for all when overcome with aplomb.

What makes certain actions more difficult for some.

Often what necessitates resourcefulness in order to realize potential.

A strong headwind that requires extra effort in order to make headway.

Physical or mental shortcomings that require adjustments if one is to compete.

One of life’s gauntlets that challenges you to discipline and strengthen yourself.

A loss or short-circuit that compels refocusing and often excelling in doable skills.

A hindrance that restricts ‘normal’ behavior and demands other means of attaining goals.

  • Perhaps attitude determines how much of a handicap is a handicap.
  • Perhaps every person is ‘handicapped’ and unique with their personal challenges.
  • Perhaps a society’s acceptance of physical and mental diversity is a measure of its civil maturity.
  • Perhaps adaptations to genetic and childhood shortcomings and malfunctions are NORMAL for the adaptor.
  • Perhaps diminishment, demolishment, dissolution in one area of our lives naturally leads to growth in other areas.
  • Perhaps ‘restricted’ movements and mental anomalies present opportunities for displaying ingenuity and determination.
  • Perhaps everyone has handicaps when comparing abilities; perhaps no one can be competent in, much less master all activities.
  • Perhaps we are all striving for perfection; perhaps the vulnerable nature of the physical prompts us to seek perfection within.
  • Perhaps accepting and overcoming bodily ‘alterations’ builds character, inspires others and strengthens loving bonds with supportive ‘intimates’.
  • Perhaps loss of a limb indicates you are more than just your body; perhaps awareness that the physical is not you directs your attention to inner resources.



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