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Conformity embraced.

Obstinately perpetuating sameness.

Grandparents’ admonitions ‘living on’.

Propriety adhered to daily by the sycophant.

Busy-ness that masks the dilemmas of choice.

What we are actually struggling with when fear binds us to inertia.

The cornerstone of self-deception’s comforting “you have arrived.”

That which keeps us from seeing clearly where we have been and where we are going.

A grave impediment to initiative and innovation which may determine an unfruitful, uneventful life.

A fortress against risk, a disdainer of impulse, an inhibitor of innovation, an impediment to discovery, an excuse for laziness and complacency.

  • Perhaps change is too threatening or confusing so we cling to repetition.
  • Perhaps the world is a feast when you are willing to ‘taste’ the possibilities.
  • Perhaps the courage to question your viewpoints comes from the security of your love.
  • Perhaps the girth of bloated satiation indicates how enduring the ‘marriage’ to excess has been.
  • Perhaps the greatest hope for the human race is the sincere and constant questioning of ‘old ways’.
  • Perhaps your drive for security can lead to complacency; perhaps this handicap will most certainly undermine your potential.
  • Perhaps you bask blithely in the image you portray to the ‘world’; perhaps your appearance of respectability belies a cold, rigid heart.
  • Perhaps all creatures opt for familiar, safe choices; perhaps restlessness, imagination and determination are unique, human traits that engender ‘progress’.
  • Perhaps ‘risk taking’ is a multi-faceted, multi-layered experience for everyone; perhaps daily ‘skirmishes’ involving egos and ‘situations’ are best resolved with flexibility, courage and commitment.
  • Perhaps ‘character growth’ is difficult when you are reluctant to consider what should and can be changed; perhaps aging strengthens the stranglehold of ‘sameness’; perhaps, however, it is always possible to cast off your ‘shackles of habit’.



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