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Means of gaining consensus.

Egalitarian linking of all who listen.

Attempt at condoning disparagements.

Tales by wagging tails sharing morsels.

Grandstanding masquerading as gospel.

Spit balls that change shape as they bounce.

Shared information that empowers the sharers.

Praying mantises thriving in a world of dialogue.

Often just crass cackle that cranes necks and heads in harmony.

Deceptive outlook from the weeds … purporting clear vision from above.

  • Perhaps a means to root out aberrant behavior.
  • Perhaps a legacy of sharing that strengthens cohesiveness in the tribe.
  • Perhaps the paths of mice and men must always be illuminated by sentinels.
  • Perhaps the world becomes more interesting listening to the intrigues of others.
  • Perhaps humans communicate vociferously in their striving for improvement and ‘perfection’.
  • Perhaps focusing on the foibles of others allays fears of personal inadequacies being discovered.
  • Perhaps after the horse is let out of the gate, not even the trainer or rider can know how it will finish.
  • Perhaps human behavior is so complex and unpredictable that discussing and understanding it is a normal obsession.
  • Perhaps life without discovery is dull; perhaps those with a paucity of interest outside their ‘group’ depend on its unfolding ‘dramas’ for excitement.
  • Perhaps some birds chatter mindlessly affirming their ‘aliveness’; perhaps some are communicating … defining a territory, calling out for a mate; and perhaps these assertions of presence and needs are natural and self-serving much like the vocalizations of people.



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