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An insatiable Lover.

Power only humans can emulate.

A Fountain Pen with unlimited ink.

An endless ocean of Love waiting patiently.

An intimate, omniscient friend many converse with.

The pure Illuminating Nugget glowing within each of us.

Anthropomorphic depictions which attempt to define the indefinable.

The ultimate goal in mankind’s singular quest: Love basking eternally in Love.

The optimistic ‘Prime Mover’ Who knows perfection can emerge from chaos.

Absurd notions of power and grandeur generated by fear and perpetuated by hopeful solidarity.

  • Perhaps an eternal Wholeness offering ineffable love to an infinitesimal speck.
  • Perhaps when we laugh we are enjoying the Creator’s benevolent view of our own antics.
  • Perhaps a Maestro directing endless re-creations for the purpose of ultimate harmony predicated on love.
  • Perhaps only a myth we supplicate or enjoin to alleviate abject fear of threats … the unknown and death.
  • Perhaps we slowly progress ‘listening’ to a metaphysical aerobics Instructor who teaches in metaphors.
  • Perhaps an Ethereal Energy inexorably creates substance which becomes finite and provides for our embellishments.
  • Perhaps the Oneness of a Supreme Being was embraced for its expediency in understanding attributes and placating.
  • Perhaps aspiring shamans acquire ‘credibility’ by conjuring supernatural entities they alone can describe and communicate with.
  • Perhaps there is a PRIME MOVER who planted seeds of the supernatural in Homo sapiens who cultivate their own growth by loving … if they choose to.



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