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A myth and a means.

Blazing your own trail.

Loving indiscriminately.

Directing your own script.

Making choices without fear.

Living fruitfully within your limitations.

Forging the ‘inner you’ into the ‘outer you’.

Moving in any direction using whatever resources are available.

A mix of attitudes, decisions and commitments that you alone review.

In baking a cake being able to know, find and use the proper ingredients.

  • Perhaps only knowledge and love have no bounds.
  • Perhaps you decide who and what you are; perhaps this is your only freedom.
  • Perhaps you are only free when you are using your imagination and making choices.
  • Perhaps the hen and rooster enjoy their antics much more than you do: They do not think about it, they just do it.
  • Perhaps your potential and the energy to realize it depend upon your WILL which is indestructible and with you always.
  • Perhaps you settle too blithely for a pittance or a token dolled out by a society that covertly restrains your every move.
  • Perhaps freedom can only be secured when you triumph in the battle between tyrannical conditioning and informed reflection.
  • Perhaps you abdicate ‘self rule’ when you yield to impulse, vanity, coercion and the allure of all that is meaningless and transitory.
  • Perhaps some take permanent refuge in laws and customs thereby abdicating responsibility for developing their own identity.
  • Perhaps your choices and habits are what determine you; perhaps you can ALWAYS change; perhaps you are the only creature that can.
  • Perhaps expressing yourself without inhibition, liberating the inner you, can only happen when you are participating in a truly loving relationship.
  • Perhaps the hallmark of liberty is an unassailable consensus that allows citizens to set reasonable goals and attain them; perhaps this societal ‘safeguard’ is jeopardized when people eschew justice for the sake of expediency.

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