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Psyche’s dodging.

Constantly on alert.

Protective reflex when threatened.

A volatile attentiveness to vulnerability.

‘Call to arms’ while guarding the castle.

Recoiling from perceived self-destruction.

Obsessing on resources and threats simultaneously.

An essential, protective response that unleashes adrenalin.

Frantic call to mobilize quickly and grab whatever it takes to survive.

An excited messenger with important news; a tyrant when allowed to linger.

  • Perhaps an occasional reminder of our transitory state.
  • Perhaps a conditioned response that jolts us out of our complacency.
  • Perhaps a necessary self-protecting mechanism that can become an obsession.
  • Perhaps diving into roiling waters often is enjoyable for the adrenalin addicted.
  • Perhaps some spurn fear to project an indomitable spirit; perhaps we need heroes to imitate.
  • Perhaps when we are ‘manipulated’ by impassioned reflexes we are merely nature’s puppets.
  • Perhaps throughout the ages successful crusaders have encouraged ‘fear responses’ to garner support for their causes.
  • Perhaps we listen to horror stories, ride roller-coasters and participate in ‘reckless’ activities to prepare us for the inevitable.
  • Perhaps nothing is more ‘counter-productive’ and debilitating then the irrational we embrace when faced with real or imagined threats.
  • Perhaps hope and resignation, the will to overcome adversity, can be seriously compromised by yielding to that insidious progeny of fear: Doubt.

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