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Spawn along a genetic stream.

Dictator of so much that is the individual.

Individuals who share DNA and memories.

In human society the most cohesive unit known.

Kinship that is forged with ‘renewals’ and commitments.

People bonded through ‘blood’ who share genes, experiences and values.

A fateful genetic linking of the ‘near and far’ who can be embraced or ignored.

Ubiquitous battlefields where brutish behavior and transcendent values collide.

Relatives who recognize, appreciate and maintain a mutual sense of togetherness.

Our earliest source for knowledge; our initiator into a world of frustrations and dilemmas.

  • Perhaps ‘romance’ is always a family affair.
  • Perhaps we are all family fractured by language.
  • Perhaps only those whom you truly care for are family.
  • Perhaps time and distance can never sever true fidelity.
  • Perhaps a civilization thrives on quality nurturing and caring.
  • Perhaps our familial circumstance determines much of our life’s journey.
  • Perhaps the only ‘lifeboat’ most can depend upon is the one ‘kept afloat’ by kin.
  • Perhaps the most peaceful societies are those that encourage mutual respect and other cohesive family values.
  • Perhaps magnanimous acceptance is the hallmark of a thriving family; perhaps when extended to others it engenders an equanimity essential for civility.
  • Perhaps puerile self-centeredness is in jeopardy when the heart is ‘touched’ by the intimacy of ‘other selves’ … presenting themselves most unabashedly in ‘family’ settings.



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