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Clipping and ‘bronzing’ a rose.

Vindication of a drive for sanctification.

Fallaciously ascribing superiority to contrived images.

Projecting supernatural abilities in order to ‘create’ demigods.

Fanciful, sometimes hysterical obsessions with ‘attractiveness’.

A fantasy of what we might be which helps us escape from who we are.

A remedy for feelings of helplessness and impotency: Potent vicariousness.

A necessary elite of superior beings who are imbued with qualities we aspire to.

A natural propensity to elevate some members of society in a quest for perfection.

A mass awareness of an individual who encourages inordinate attention and subjective ‘embracing’.

  • Perhaps we are often too quick to equate role-playing with achievement.
  • Perhaps a troll can become a monarch when dressed in ermine and gold.
  • Perhaps elevating individuals gives us hope … that we can be more than what we are.
  • Perhaps in our zeal to embrace ‘models of excellence’ we often settle for style over substance.
  • Perhaps we are always seeking ‘better’ and ‘worse’ in order to put ourselves in proper perspective.
  • Perhaps our aspirations so dominate us that we crave and accept ‘vindications’ in a variety of forms.
  • Perhaps we are compelled to consider our potentialities; perhaps we create heroes to encourage our progress.
  • Perhaps celebrity often coerces a performer into self-deceptive believing that they are what others have created.
  • Perhaps it is in our nature to admire uniqueness; perhaps charisma often engenders enduring myth with universal appeal.
  • Perhaps sterling characteristics that benefit mankind will always be sought; perhaps in celebrating these traits in others we are providing lessons and goals sorely needed by the flawed.

    Did grandiose fantasies abound in your youth??



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