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A roiling, subterranean sea.

Impetus for immediate action.

Hot air bursting from the furnace.

Abdication of reason while demanding the expedient.

Discordant notes ‘disturbing’ an ongoing symphony.

Primitive, ‘uncivilized’ responses essential for survival.

Motivators we most often ignore that most often influence us.

Volatility in a vat that pops open and sprays in unpredictable ways.

Desires and frustrations that dwell within awaiting liberation from rationale’s subjugation.

Tireless instigators for many female ‘activities’; aggressive phantoms most men try to ignore.

  • Perhaps tears and laughter invite sharing.
  • Perhaps we must use harsher colors to make the image more distinct.
  • Perhaps similar to a storm’s bilge water that can ‘stink up’ even sink the boat.
  • Perhaps each person must learn to deal judiciously with their own ‘reactionaries’ or risk reprisals by others.
  • Perhaps we are more self-actualizing and self-reliant when we understand and use this vast pool of energy we call emotion.
  • Perhaps our emotions compel us in serious matters of art and warfare thereby becoming a common force for change in human affairs.
  • Perhaps extraordinary feats require extraordinary means; perhaps we would succumb to paralyzing inertia without the prod of ‘feelings’.
  • Perhaps constant female ‘stirrings’ nurture and protect the home; perhaps the male is incapable of this and needs outside threats to act.
  • Perhaps when you are ripped from your ‘moorings’ and cast adrift you can rely on energy reserves to close down ‘sections’ and stay afloat.
  • Perhaps thinking, using our rational mind, is the only true freedom we possess; perhaps we undermine this marvelous gift when we allow irrational fears and obsessions to dominate us.



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