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A change of venue.

Only a door on a tour.

A blip in an eternal quest.

The unassailable equalizer.

Unexpected disconnect for all but humans.

An experience we ‘share’ but cannot share.

The end of dread; the beginning of essence.

Either a goodbye and a hello or dissolution.

Our most harrowing enigma powerfully ensconced in fear.

Ironic ‘cessation’ that instantly yields to the first moment of forever and a deluge of realization.

  • Perhaps only our love survives.
  • Perhaps we finally meet ourselves.
  • Perhaps the wind unexpectedly changes direction.
  • Perhaps the matter that embraces us so briefly is superfluous to spirit.
  • Perhaps only those who are smiling on the inside will be smiling on the other side.
  • Perhaps what we are in our last ‘now’ moment determines what we will be forever.
  • Perhaps the dissolution of matter reveals what truly matters: your growth through loving.
  • Perhaps a revolving door that kicks us in the ‘rear’ dislodging attachments but leaving sensitivities intact.
  • Perhaps we have one long laugh at foolish choices and habits, applaud the triumphs and then push back on ‘stage’ for another go.
  • Perhaps imagination driven by hope drives us to envision an existence beyond what we now perceive; perhaps this is folly or a Greater Reality beckoning to us.

    The ‘great equalizer’ got your tongue??




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