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Traffic in restless ideas.

Active life of the human brain.

Attempts to share what is ‘inside’.

Conveying messages to receptive minds.

Symbols employed to reveal someone’s ‘reality’.

What makes us most human: Sharing thought, most essential for societal growth and the greatest hope for its survival.

For the young vocalizations driven by compulsive necessities, for the adult measured expressions, for the elderly obsessive reviews.

Usually conditioned vocal responses to situations; occasionally thoughtful observations and conclusions that may be self-serving or self-gratifying or uniquely altruistic.

Dialogue that helps us participate in a wide variety of human activity … from the trite and mundane to the necessary and essential … driven by motivations both simple and complex.

Needs, wants and information conveyed with certain expectations by various means: Common language, expressions and gestures, ‘image presenters’ such as books, magazines and monitors … all having one thing in common: Utilizing what is most expedient for ‘sending a message’ from one human being to another.

  • Perhaps for some a cry for attention.
  • Perhaps the primary means of realizing human potential.
  • Perhaps you will never say what you feel or mean exactly what you say.
  • Perhaps the only hope for peace in the world is people sharing ideas with an open mind.
  • Perhaps we ‘take in’ only what we feel we need; perhaps we miss much that could ‘help’.
  • Perhaps the advent of ‘mass communication’ heralds an age of openness and acceptance of human diversity.
  • Perhaps what remains ‘within’ decays; perhaps what we share can grow becoming ‘meaningful to others’ possibly having a vital impact.
  • Perhaps an ‘everlasting’ you integrates with others so that unions occur which rely on the most noble and efficacious trait essential for human development: Empathy.
  • Perhaps the most successful oppressors in history have depended on skewing ‘sincere’ discourse with vehement tirades which encourage emotions and xenophobic zeal.
  • Perhaps smiles and laughter, music and dance, hugs and kisses … perhaps these are more important communicators for developing human bonds than all the words ever spoken.



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