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Naiveté protected.

Preparation for the unknown.

A brief fantasy altered by memory.

Increasing awareness with few roadblocks.

As ‘all together’ as your body will ever be.

Spontaneous innocence before the onslaught.

When living is everything and death is a myth.

A wonton period of omniscience, optimism and power.

Cascading energetic reactions uninhibited by reflections.

Fond recollections for most; obsessed images for stunted underachievers.

A carefree, wrinkle free play time when growing and learning occur unintentionally.

  • Perhaps blissful ignorance does not get the respect it deserves.
  • Perhaps trust buffeted too often in youth will be difficult to anchor in adulthood.
  • Perhaps self-centeredness is what we must abandon if we wish to be more than a child.
  • Perhaps nascent life invigorates a community with enthusiasm for novelty and discovery.
  • Perhaps the awe and receptiveness we start out with must be nurtured if we are to realize what we can be.
  • Perhaps the most notorious ‘folly’ of youth is its propensity to bask in its ‘beauty’ that is pure happenstance.
  • Perhaps excitement ‘before the ride’ is a naiveté that should be encouraged and embraced by adults.
  • Perhaps early energy has purpose and direction despite apparent recklessness; perhaps when the intellect harnesses this energy it gradually diminishes but is easier to control.
  • Perhaps youthful needs and demands provide an essential impetus for adults to care; perhaps for most this is life’s best opportunity to grow; perhaps distaining this is a tragedy.
  • Perhaps if the wonders of the world fail to make an impression on you when you are young, adulthood will be a drab affair … unless you make concerted efforts to be ‘receptive’; perhaps the ‘youthfulness’ of others can always become an inspiration; perhaps it is never too late to be ‘young’ again.

    Fond memories make you smile??




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