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A vehicle that advertises itself.

Enabler of rapid venue changes.

A fickle partner during an adventure.

License for projecting uniqueness and self-importance.

A metal box on wheels that starts and stops interminably.

Conductor of blithe bodies over ground that is never seen.

Cocoon-like intimacy provider that allows for metamorphosis within.

A ‘fortification’ we rely on while propelling ourselves through the fray.

As a ‘driver’ the first and probably the only ‘command position’ one will hold.

A mobile container we place our bodies in at great peril hoping strangers will ‘avoid’ us.

  • Perhaps the most cherished ‘killing device’ known to ‘man’.
  • Perhaps modern transport has alienated many from beauty and discovery.
  • Perhaps ‘ease of travel’ panders to our wishful thinking that we can be happier elsewhere.
  • Perhaps ‘dilapidations’ are becoming the most common fixture on the landscapes of ‘third world’ countries.
  • Perhaps some find refuge in their autonomous, anonymous ‘auto-driving’ role; perhaps others relish the power to accelerate.
  • Perhaps the means to quickly leave home has habituated many to ‘escaping’ rather than accommodating and resolving differences.
  • Perhaps future historians will cynically laugh at present day highway carnage; perhaps they will be stupefied by the casual attitudes in risking ‘life and limb’ daily.
  • Perhaps the ‘well-traveled’ roads both unite and divide us; perhaps this irony is indicative of an expanding nation compartmentalized in ever-dwindling numbers per dwelling.
  • Perhaps youthful exuberance to drive should be tempered with the harsh realities of crushed, blood-oozing flesh; perhaps stints in Emergency Rooms should be required before a license is issued.
  • Perhaps the gravest injustice of the late 20th Century was the inordinate energy consumption by many aloof societies; perhaps the drive to secure ‘convenience’ inured many to the waste and the plight of the poor.

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