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Expressions that never age.

Insights made palpable; wonderment shared.

Mysteries one initiates and others find appealing.

Compelling experiencing that can never be understood.

Consciousness pursuing an ideal … the Unconscious Ideal.

The most effective ‘glue’ which keeps a society whole and motivated.

An appreciation that obviates the difference between brutish and enlightened.

Testament to receptive, responding, ‘matured’ senses ‘grasping’ what is Beyond.

All that humans alter ‘permanently’ be it observations, interpretations or substance.

Considerations of what might be, constructions of what has not been, items that were not in the natural scheme of becoming and now are AND the ‘heartfelt’ responses to the ‘created’ unique.

  • Perhaps expressions of art are attempts to connect awareness’s.
  • Perhaps art that endures must have a message … or lift emotions.
  • Perhaps true art is always altruistic whether the artist knows this or not.
  • Perhaps art is the skilful use of a unique human attribute: Imagination.
  • Perhaps the most vital, cogent link humans have with their heritage is art.
  • Perhaps our creations: Forms, music, cuisine, stories, et al. indicate a supernatural quality; perhaps these creations entertain the gods.
  • Perhaps ‘decoration’ enhances the utilitarian by elevating the experience of it to an ‘ethereal realm’ of universal appeal and excitement.
  • Perhaps our senses and intellect cannot perceive an immaterial existence without dimension; perhaps alluding to it is all we can do ... the goal and work of an artist.
  • Perhaps art liberates us from the utilitarian and introduces us to the fanciful and this in turn challenges us to be more than sentient molecules changing shape ... to be more like the god(s) we would like to be.
  • Perhaps the ultimate artistry is the human mind which resides in the past, present and future boundlessly; perhaps not being determined solely by reflexes and being able to lift self above the worldly fray at will indicate a being beyond the ken of science.



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