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Hope’s serious rival.

Hobgoblins we make friends with.

When the inquisitor becomes the inquisition.

Obsession’s collaborator whispering what might be.

The detours we often choose upon too much reflection.

Self-spawned spurs incessantly pricking its progenitor.

A comforting, debilitating habit that survives and thrives with rationalizations.

Integral part of defense measures; effective when properly focused and proportioned.

A confidant whose concern belies an insidious propensity for taking control of your life.

Support for a muddle of emotions, fear, anger, desperation, that is strengthened by perceptions of the ‘pernicious’.

  • Perhaps you should ask what your worries have accomplished.
  • Perhaps your optimism will always be jostled by unexpected encounters.
  • Perhaps you should only be concerned with concern when it is too comforting.
  • Perhaps what happens outside your house can never bother you unless you invite it in.
  • Perhaps developing the habit of acceptance is the only safeguard against emotional bondage.
  • Perhaps you face an age-old dilemma: Do you overcome anxiety with ignorance or knowledge?
  • Perhaps life is a succession of choices; perhaps too much speculation about possibilities impedes progress.
  • Perhaps your preoccupation with appearance is unnecessary since everyone else is looking for a mirror.
  • Perhaps what ‘ages’ you the most are not life’s challenges, frustrations and heart aches, but the mental anguish you put yourself through worrying about them.
  • Perhaps you find tranquility in your garden by enjoying your roses; perhaps adorning your house with them is considered; perhaps you contemplate the thorns, the inevitable withering and early demise; perhaps this worry about worry drives you crazy!!

    trepidation or just complacency inhibiting you??



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