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Frustration’s naughty child.

Volatility ‘railing against’ volition.

Hottest when ignited with compressed fuel.

A ‘dragon’ that seethes whether manifest or not.

Common reaction when our plans or progress are impeded.

Salutary when just and brief; debilitating when it sustains an obsession.

An unpredictable ‘tiger’ you fear but have pride in when it is ‘on your side’.

A boiling cauldron within, the eruption, lava flow … depends on perception.

Deleterious, irrational feelings for someone or some thing that can ‘be checked’ or consume.

An essential savage reaction when attacked ... activating dynamic hormones which heighten skills to prevent annihilation.

  • Perhaps ignoring rationale leaves us brutish … as always.
  • Perhaps the tirade of the moment can evolve into the tyrant of tomorrow.
  • Perhaps we blow ‘hot air’ into the wind unless we modulate it with reason.
  • Perhaps misgivings and recriminations are very effectively generated by anger.
  • Perhaps constantly renewing your commitment to caring can allay reckless rage.
  • Perhaps self-centered, righteous pride depends on this duplicitous, unctuous ally.
  • Perhaps the only way to avoid constant angst is to focus on the wants and needs of others.
  • Perhaps someone’s fiery ‘assault’ justifies our retribution motives; perhaps however, they can consume us.
  • Perhaps we often take refuge in fantasies of revolt which help us cope with dominating people and circumstance.
  • Perhaps being appalled at injustice innervates us; perhaps we must be constant and considerate in our efforts to affect fairness with equanimity less we incite vehemence, a common reaction to change.

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