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Embracing nihilism … constantly.

A powerful physiological need that dominates absolutely.

‘Altering’ the mind regularly while diminishing its power to function.

A daily activity that undermines what you can be, want to be, should be.

Escaping as often as possible for as long as possible; not wanting to return.

A lonely, narrow, dead-end road on which apparent bliss blurs alternate routes.

A propensity for repeatedly experiencing pleasure and escape despite deleterious effects.

Allowing chemicals to obliterate the most potent tool you possess: Your ability to reason.

Along with hatred and vindictiveness one of the most insidious, self-inflating, self-defeating states you can wallow in.

Playful, arrogant, ‘invincible’ ego triumphing over reason in a futile attempt at uniqueness which always leads to alienation and eventual destruction.

  • Perhaps refuge from the onslaughts of the world can become the guarded fortress for a soul that has given up.
  • Perhaps a truly loving heart can never be subject to addictions; perhaps being ‘other’ oriented makes it impossible.
  • Perhaps we ‘lose ourselves’ when we allow ‘escape facilitators’ daily reign; perhaps they will dictate who we are and what we are about.
  • Perhaps our drive for acceptance can lead to participating in ‘mind-altering’ activities which can supplant individual priorities with group rituals.
  • Perhaps we are always tempted to avoid or ignore responsibilities; perhaps using ‘liberating’ substances to release stress will always be an option.
  • Perhaps obsessions and addictions effectively undermine resolve; perhaps muddled minds know little of accomplishment, joy, peace, love … a meaningful life.
  • Perhaps the joy of living, enjoying the endless variety the world offers, provides us with enough challenges that the very thought of being tied to one deleterious habit is absurd.
  • Perhaps when we worship self, elevating the ego to the only ‘important one’, we close avenues to caring; perhaps this leads to loneliness and ‘emptiness’ which finds relief in self-indulgence and concomitant addictions.
  • Perhaps the only way to overcome an addiction is to find a purpose beyond self; perhaps pursuing meaningful goals will lead gradually to self-esteem; perhaps having pride in this accomplishment can overcome ‘temptation’.
  • Perhaps we must always be vigilant and not allow pleasures and ‘reality obliterators’ to become ‘our reason for being’; perhaps our power to choose and act thoughtfully should never be diminished by expedient ‘escapes’; perhaps if we wish self-annihilation we should ignore this advice.

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