Why were we created?

To gorge ourselves with delicious food: Sweets, veal in thick sauces, gourmet cheeses and chocolates, vintage wines; to acquire as many nice things as possible: fancy clothes, cars, houses, gold and diamond jewelry; to attract as many friends and admirers as possible; to be successful in various pursuits: be at the ‘top’ of our profession, maintain a lithe, attractive body, share life with a very compatible spouse and raise some decent children. Well? Will this do? Make you happy … fulfilled? Perhaps. But … is there more? Something else we are striving for? Not as apparent?

Philosophers and poets throughout the ages have pondered the ‘why’ of existence. Existentialists hold that each individual is responsible for his or her thoughts and actions and therefore determine their own fate … ‘day by day’. This experiencing is the only ‘reality’ … one that may be fairly tranquil or more often then not a life filled with turmoil and dread. Is this not what the world confronts us with: disease, physical and psychological assaults, mortality? And don’t most live in fear? Selfishly preserving what they hold dear? A rather bleak scenario. And certainly one that must be very depressing for avowed nihilists and atheists. For they depend on the ‘here and now’ for purpose. There is no ultimate ‘future’, no reason for existence. All that is accomplished by earth’s life forms is for naught. And of course there is No God and anyone who believes there is relies on this self-deception to assuage fear of dissolution. ‘Believers’ are basically naïve and superstitious. Poor fools.

You would think that a ‘reality’ beyond mortal experiencing would be apparent. That our reason for being would motivate us to strive for some knowable, reasonable purpose. Well … poor atheists … there is a reason you exist and it is quite obvious. Ponder the REALITY of the unique abilities you have. Especially loving, the only experiencing that brings you lasting happiness.

Gaze at your sleeping infant; fluff the crib sheets. In your heart of hearts do you not know love … that giddy, exalted feeling of abandoning self for ‘other’ and experiencing peace and joy in these purely selfless adorations? Do you not appreciate the infinite scope of your loving? Your unfettered, limitless caring for all you encounter: the trees, creatures climbing them, waterfalls, the stars, reflections, designs both natural and contrived, aromas, tastes, music, dance, language, science, the workings of body and brain.

You alone in the universe are capable of appreciating all, understanding all and truly abandoning self-interest to experience it for what it is. Your loving is shouting out: You are not alone. You have purpose. There is a reason for your existence: To love forever in the ‘arms’ of the Ultimate Lover.

And be confident in the knowledge that you are a unique spiritual entity … that you will not dissemble … you are not just matter and form that will dissolve. You are so much more. Tens-of-thousands of ‘love’ songs are constantly beseeching an all consuming LOVE. You know deep within your ‘heart’ that you are capable of this LOVE, that you want this LOVE and can have this LOVE. You have hope, even expectation, that you will experience this boundless giving, this limitless sharing, this total ‘filling-up’ of your spirit.

And this ultimate goal was not instilled in you in vain. It is the reason for your creation … all of creation … appreciated by all who are experiencing a steady ‘opening up’ to loving thoughts, loving ways. Everyday inspires your songs to the Divine. Love ‘now’ and you will love forever!!

NOTE: I emphasize spiritual loving because so many today are captivated by the appeal of the material. It is tragic to witness the forlornness of young and old in pursuits of the temporal, the mundane. Happiness and fulfillment will always be illusive for those who shun selflessness opting for tenaciously aggrandizing self instead. No truer more poignant words were ever uttered: “What profit a man who gains the whole world and loses his soul?” There is always hope however. Love, true love, is ever beckoning. Even from the plaintive “meow” of the cuddly kitty. “MEOW”.


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