Are there attributes or abilities of spirit other than the ones you mentioned?

Knowing all there is to know about spirit is impossible. You are stuck in a physical world and your perceptions are necessarily dependent on empirical evidence. You have seen however, that unique, spiritual abilities are discernable. They set us apart from all else in the known universe. And their purpose seems to be growth and realization of another type of existence not dependent on matter.

There probably are many more abilities of spirit that are quite subtle and taken for granted. Consider your strong propensity for ORDER. You just cannot live with crooked pictures on a wall can you? How ‘bout wrong colored towels in the bathroom, shoes that don’t match, smudges on your face? Think of all the ‘shoulds’ in your life and wonder why.

You also have an insatiable NEED TO KNOW. Yes animals such as felines have inquiring minds. But yours extends to realms beyond immediate needs and wants. You try to make sense of the cosmos. Super novas, black holes, galaxies barely visible, nothing escapes your interest. You have an inherent sense that you CAN KNOW and UNDERSTAND everything. This might have seemed presumptuous one hundred years ago but not today. Be it the smallest particle, past civilizations, remote flora and fauna … you need to ‘know’ about them. Some may say this is just a pragmatic penchant of an astounding ‘computer like’ brain. Find a rare plant or crustacean … you may discover a cure for cancer. Perhaps. Or maybe there is ‘something’ else driving us. Why do we care about extinction of species? Why save the ……….?? Why go to the depths of the ocean just to stare? On a cloudless night away from city lights you gaze up. You want to know everything there is to know about the most distant star. Why?

What about EMOTIONS? Could your reservoir of feelings … fears, angers, desires …
‘indicate’ a unique, controlling intellect? Animals react without hesitation when confronted. You on the other hand can reflect. You can voluntarily frustrate yourself for what you decide is a higher purpose. Your parents are insufferable. But you love them and you will bear their presumptuous barbs. Maybe the way you ‘deal’ with your emotions is a testament to your astounding will power and even your imagination. You yell encouragement to your team in a sporting event. You laugh and cry watching a play, a movie, reading a book. Why? Empathy? Very mysterious your giggles and frowns. Could there be a ‘spirited imp’ within who is always ‘above and beyond’ physical imperatives … prodding simple honesty, kindliness and attention to what really matters … in the face of life’s ongoing absurdities?

Your QUEST FOR PERFECTION seems unusual. Your confidence that something can be ‘better’ is maddening at times. You are never satisfied. You must be the best you can be. Your designs and products must be perfect. Your performance should be flawless. This propensity often drives you to obsession. Yes, there are practical reasons: Make or do something well and people will be attracted. Money, recognition, even honor may come your way. But is there not some deeper motive? Some voice whispering incessantly “you can do better”. Throughout the millennia innovators, craftspeople, artists have worked quietly striving for elusive perfection. Examples abound: Dog, cat and fish breeders, plant cultivators, cabinet-makers, athletes, dancers, orators, on and on. Every ‘field of endeavor’ finds humans determined to improve. Why? We know nothing lasts! All will dissolve including us. But we strive undeterred. Perhaps we seek perfection because we know it is attainable … not in this lifetime however.

One last ‘uniqueness’ most often taken for granted: Your willingness and ABILITY TO CHANGE your thinking, to consider possibilities. This is astounding. Yes, you must adapt to unforeseen circumstances. Not a day passes that you do not have to accommodate in some way: It rains, you make new plans. The auto breaks down and alternate transport must be considered. But your imagination offers so many alternatives: Stay inside and read? Go to a movie? Do you ride a bicycle or walk? Should you paint the house red, green or black? Put it off or do it today? On and on. You can decide to cease reading this … or you can ‘take in’ a few more ideas … and maybe make some dramatic changes in your outlook on life!! Always possible.


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